Friday, October 17, 2008

A New Battleground

Today’s Post has an interesting article on the dynamics of the McCain-Obama campaign in Virginia. An excerpt:

In his quest to win the Old Dominion, Obama is trying to end 44 years of Republican dominance and become the first Democrat since Lyndon B. Johnson to carry the state. McCain's challenge is more immediate, as he has less than three weeks to reverse polls that show a trend against him.

By every organizational measure, Obama's campaign appears to have the advantage -- it has nearly three times as many offices, has contacted tens of thousands more potential supporters, and has helped register nearly half a million new voters this year, most of whom state officials believe favor the Democrat.

But Virginia remains a state with strong conservative tendencies, and it is unclear whether a majority will pull the lever for a Democrat whom McCain has derided as having "the most liberal voting record in the United States Senate." A key to a McCain comeback will be whether Republicans have built a strong enough get-out-the-vote operation in a state where none has ever been needed, something many party leaders question.
According to a new Virginia Poll, Obama has opened up a six point lead -- 49% to 43% with 8% undecided. "The poll also indicated that the slumping national economy is foremost in voters' minds as the election approaches. Sixty-one percent said the economy and jobs are the top issues the candidates should address. Health care was the next most worrisome problem, with just under 9 percent rating it the top issue."

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