Thursday, October 30, 2008


As noted on Kos, the latest ad from Elizabeth Dole, entitled "Godless", attacks Democrat Kay Hagan (who happens to be a Sunday school teacher and elder in her church) for being Godless and actually hires a voice artist to impersonate Hagan saying "there is no God!" Wow. It is the latest desperate ploy to hold onto power by Dole, who has long-shown that being a celebrity is a greater personal priority than working on behalf of her constituents.

Alex Castellanos, a conservative known for designing hard-hitting attack ads, calls it for what it is -- “over the line.” “When you’re making ads that say there is no God, it usually means that your campaign doesn’t have a prayer.”

Conservative Ed Rollins calls it “despicable” and says that Dole “should be ashamed of herself.”

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