Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Empty Attacks Continue

In a recent interview, CNN's Rick Sanchez calls out McCain Spokesman Michael Goldfarb for his baseless attacks on Barack Obama. Needless to say, it quickly becomes a bizarre back-and-forth.

For months, the McCain campaign has been shamelessly trying to link Barack Obama to "terrorist pals" while attempting to also give voters the impression that Obama has anti-Semitic tendencies. In the latest round, Goldfarb baselessly plays the guilt-by-association card again by trying to link Obama to Rashid Khalidi, a vocal critic of Israeli policy toward the Palestinians. Unfortunately for Goldfarb, McCain's organization has given over $448,000 to a group founded by Khalidi. When Sanchez points out the blatant hypocrisy of the McCain attacks, Goldfarb alleges that Khalidi is just one of Obama's countless anti-Semitic associates. Unfortunately (again) for Goldfarb, he can't name any. What a shame. Goldfarb is subjected to the humiliation he deserves and it makes for some really awkward viewing. Yes, the true colors of the McCain campaign are shining through more and more.

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