Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Deplorable and Dishonorable

As noted on Kos, we all remember that during the primaries, John McCain didn't have the "guts or honor" to step up for his alleged "friend" and colleague, Hillary Clinton, when one of his supporters called her a "bitch."

And now, with more and more hateful rhetoric aimed personally at Barack Obama, John McCain is essentially inciting crowds to draw certain conclusions and connect certain dots - so they can come to the logical realization that Barack Obama is nothing more than a sleazy, dangerous and unpatriotic politician who comes from a shady background and may have terrorist ties. I guess it was only a matter of time that, at his urging, a supporter at a McCain rally would openly call Obama a terrorist. The McCain response? Silence...yet again. At such a grave time for our nation, John McCain's actions are beyond deplorable - they're just downright dishonorable and beneath the dignity of someone running for the highest office in our nation.

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