Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Random Thoughts...

As the plot of the Democratic primary twists and turns, Barack Obama’s upper-hand is becoming more and more prominent. As he's swept the table the past few weeks, Democrats have turned out in record numbers on his behalf, often dwarfing the turnout of Republicans in the reddest of states. In those states (such as Nebraska and Kansas), Obama is winning and he's winning big - with 7 out of 10 votes cast. If nothing else speaks to the transformational aspects of his candidacy, that does.

Looking to the general election, it’s apparent that Obama brings a 50-state campaign to the table, while Clinton has reportedly planned out her entire 271 electoral vote strategy. Change versus politics as usual. Well, Americans are tired of presidents who only govern on behalf of their supporters. If the Clinton campaign is any indication (victory above all else and damn the consequences), she will govern much the same way. Despite her "vast experience", she fails to comprehend the nation's desperate yearning for change.

To become the president we need – one who leads and truly inspires - a candidate must first have the ability to connect with voters outside of his/her political base. Unity brings strength, pride, and change...remember? Division breeds contempt, apathy, and paralysis. More and more Americans, tired of the latter, are looking to Obama to provide the former. The polls numbers reflect as much.

On the heels of an Obama sweep of the Potomac primaries, the Clinton campaign is in danger of adopting the Giuliani strategic focus on distant goalposts. But as Rudy knows too well, as those goalposts move closer, the subsequent momentum of the Obama campaign could make Clinton's task insurmountable. Thus the firewalls are set in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas. At that point, it could very well be all or nothing for the Clinton campaign – a campaign that has recently relied on a $5 million loan from its candidate, and a campaign that must compensate for the resignations of its campaign manager and deputy campaign manger. The writing is on the wall but if we’ve learned anything from this campaign, it is that voters tend to reject the “inevitable” candidate and that Hillary Clinton is at her best when the tide is against her. The tide has officially turned and soon it'll be time to put those lessons to the ultimate test.

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