Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Ramblings of a Desperate Base

Ann Coulter’s latest hysterical ramblings are only noteworthy because of their growing desperation. With the nomination of John McCain becoming more and more inevitable, watching the talking heads of the hateful wing of the Republican Party self-destruct is becoming more and more entertaining. Here’s a taste of the latest example of Coulter's devolution:

Nominating McCain is the gesture of a desperate party. Republicans are so shell-shocked and demoralized by the success of the Bush Derangement Syndrome, they think they can fool the voters by nominating an open-borders, anti-tax cut, anti-free speech, global-warming hysteric, pro-human experimentation "Republican." Which is to say, a Democrat…

On the litmus test issues of our time, only partially excluding Iraq, McCain is a liberal.

- He excoriated Samuel Alito as too "conservative."

- He promoted amnesty for 20 million illegal immigrants.

- He abridged citizens' free speech (in favor of the media) with McCain-Feingold.

- He hysterically opposes waterboarding terrorists and wants to shut down Guantanamo.

- He denounced the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

- He opposes ANWR and supports the global warming cult, even posturing with fellow mountebank Arnold Schwarzenegger in front of solar panels.

The only site that would have been more appropriate for Schwarzenegger in endorsing McCain would have been in front of an abortion clinic.
After more rambling about McCain’s liberalism, she finally unveils her ultimate motive…

If Hillary is elected president, we'll have a four-year disaster, with Republicans ferociously opposing her, followed by Republicans zooming back into power, as we did in 1980 and 1994, and 2000. (I also predict more Oval Office incidents with female interns.)

If McCain is elected president, we'll have a four-year disaster, with the Republicans in Congress co-opted by "our" president, followed by 30 years of Democratic rule.

So there it is, Republicans of the "true base." You might as well stay home on election day and concede this one because Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh are telling you so. You've aimlessly followed them for sense in stopping now.


Athena said...

As a Republican, I'm thrilled with McCain's candidacy--it's about time someone stood up to the fatuous ranting and bilious bullying of Coulter, Limbaugh, Dobson and their ilk. Just think how noisome it would get if Jerry Falwell were still alive.

Anonymous said...

How did Ann Coulter become so full of vitriol? Good grief. She's a caricature of a caricature--does anyone actually take her seriously?