Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Clock is Ticking

Despite the incessant flag-waving of John McCain and claims of victory in Iraq, the American public is growing impatient - understandably so - with the Iraqi government. After all, as the President has stated time and time again, the underlying intention of his so-called “surge” was to provide the Iraqi government with the “breathing space it needs” to take major steps toward reconciliation. That has no happened. With two viable Democratic candidates inching closer and closer to the White House, the Iraqi government knows the clock is ticking on the open-ended commitment of American lives and treasure by the Bush Administration. They are also becoming increasingly aware that Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki is not up to the job. The LA Times lays out the political dynamics in Baghdad.

Key partners in Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki's government may seek the ouster of the Shiite Muslim leader if he fails to move quickly on stalled benchmark reforms and on sharing in decision making. Threats of a possible parliamentary vote of no confidence have come in recent weeks from the Kurdish Alliance and the Shiite party Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, Maliki's last major defenders, which, along with the largest Sunni political party, have suggested Vice President Adel Abdul Mehdi, a Shiite, as a possible alternative.

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