Sunday, February 03, 2008

The People are Hungry for Change?

We're reading a lot of articles these days stating that the American people are "hungry for change." (This comes as no surprise, given the steady diet of mismanagement we've been fed for the past 7 years.) It seems that there has not been much attention paid to exactly the "change" is that we're all wanting, though; change in foreign policy? change in environmental policy? change in partisanship, in rules for lobbyists, in oversight of drug use in professional sports, in tax codes, in our television-watching options (end the writers' strike!), in just how many hours an airline can take to retrieve our luggage? We want something to change, but what? that end, who would best bring about change? This depends on what the change is you'd like to see. It's rather hilarious that slippery Romney (who, according to the non-striking writers of The Tonight Show, looks like the "guy at a party who'd give you his card"), tired McCain, inspiring Obama, and pragmatic Clinton each presents him or herself as the only one with this ability. This Frank Rich column spells out which of these is actually on the money. (And it's not the MBA who has invested his own fortune in a poorly managed, and losing, effort...hah! Nothing makes this blogger happier than seeing Mitt Romney's fakery exposed for what it is.)

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