Monday, January 28, 2008

The Jerk

Billary has yet again proved that he is deserving of being called "The Jerk" of the 2008 Presidential campaign season. Sensing a shift in support towards Senator Obama, President Clinton is showing his true colors. Some have argued that his negative attacks against Obama are netting results, while some have concluded that it is eroding support for his wife. Most recently, Billary hit a new low while insinuating that Obama's recent victory in South Carolina was small potatoes as Jesse Jackson had also earned two primary victories there in the 1980's. These comments reveal more about Billary than they do about Obama. Billary's actions reveal his lack of humility and demonstrate that he is mean-spirited. Billary's actions also reveal a sense of desperation to win at all costs. While Billary continues to be his wife's attack dog - Obama continues to build momentum and earn support from a wide variety of the electorate - transcending racial, gender, and party lines. I hope that Obama can continue to build upon his successes so that America can close the chapter on the Clinton's and move in a new direction.

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