Thursday, August 14, 2008

She's Not a Go-Getter

The DSCC just released a new ad targeting Elizabeth Dole, in what appears to be a more competitive race (with State Senator Kay Hagan) that we initially expected. While the ad has stirred up some controversy because the Dole campaign insists it unfairly makes Dole's age an issue, the DSCC spokesperson, Matthew Miller, put things in perspective: "It's not that Elizabeth Dole is too old, it's that after 40 years in Washington she's too ineffective. Dole should remember her own words from two years ago, when she said that voters should elect a candidate with 'fresh leadership' over one who'd been in government for 40 years" - referring to a Dole appearance on "Meet the Press," when she told Maryland voters they should defeat then-Rep. Ben Cardin in his Senatorial campaign.

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